TIMHS Service Delivery Timeline and Referral Documents 2015/16


September/October 2015:


Raise awareness with ContinU partners re new service, target groups (CAMHS Tier 3 Prevention – Early Intervention in Tier 2) and management of expectations


Finalise service delivery arrangements with “The Family Psychologist” including location and referral documentation


November 2015:


Service commences with agreed staggered referrals/self prioritising from partners.


December 2015:


First review of service commencement to take place in via RC and JJ – communication with Steering Group.


January- Sept 2016:


Service ongoing – monthly monitoring of referral numbers and status – RC and JJ. Particular focus on whether desired Outcomes identified at referral stage are being met.


February 2016:


Review with service users and wider stakeholders on service quality and impact – update to Steering Group.


February-April 2016:


Joint Staff Training events (x 3 provided to upskill school/college staff). One to be a Wyre Forest and Hagley conference on Mental Health using Local Data and Sharing of Practice – including “Early Help”, GP, CAMHS and School Nurse involvement.


Aug/Sept 2016:


Evaluation of TIMHS Project commenced with detailed report for July including recommendations for future service – RC, JJ, Steering Group.


“ContinU Trust Member TIMHS Referral documents”

TIMHS Referral Process

TIMHS Referral Schedule

TR1  Pre-Assessment Referral Questionnaire

TR2 Pre-Assessment Parent or Carer Questionnaire

TR3 TIMHS Service Overview (final)


Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaires (SDQ’s)

Self SDQ

Parent/Carer SDQ

Teacher SDQ