Pupil Premium & Opening Doors

Engaging with activities within the Opening Doors Programme can provide excellent evidence of schools’ use of the Pupil Premium. Activities (show as ‘events’ in this website) are all tagged within the descriptive text as being Sutton1, Sutton2, Sutton3 etc – following the top ten priorities of the Report. By searching for these terms e.g. ‘Sutton1′ in the ‘search’ field, you can find the corresponding events/activities and therefore draw on them for reference in evidencing the use of PP.

From the outset we have intended that Opening Doors events/activities be of particular use and benefit to disadvantaged students, to increase their store of stimulating educational experiences, help build their social capital and develop a range of key personal skills. It makes sense for schools to engage with Opening Doors from a similar perspective, as far as makes practical sense. Of course the events and activities, unless explicitly targeted at particular student profiles, are open to all.

Click on the link to see the Sutton Trust Report Toolkit for targeting expenditure and resources Sutton Trust Report Toolkit