Opening Doors

Welcome to ‘Opening Doors’, an initiative by The ContinU Trust, working a wide range of local, regional & national partners to deliver enrichment and progression opportunities at every level for young people in Wyre Forest and Hagley areas.

Our aim is simple – to collaborate ambitiously with an broad range of providers and partners, wherever they may be, to offer a dynamic range of enrichment opportunities for increasing our young people’s confidence, skills and life chances.

We work by:

*Seeking out quality enrichment opportunities from across the area and beyond, and working to promote them amongst all our partners.

*Sharing an area-wide calendar of events and opportunities that all schools across the ContinU Trust partnership can access.

*Arranging contact opportunities with a range of professionals who can help stimulate interest in pursuing professional careers and offer insights into relevant current developments within them.

*Organising events where our young people can actively participate with peers, developing their organisational, communication and discussion skills.

*Working towards boosting ‘social capital’ that our young people will need in key situations like job and further/higher education interviews, helping support their chances of self-fulfilment and professional success.