Food for Life


Food For Life’s programme is all about getting the children to take the lead, letting them take back control over an issue that ultimately affects them the most…what they eat!


FFL are firm believers that by giving the control back to children, they always come up with the best ideas and ways to tackles issues and makes changes that we never thought of!


The framework is about making the changes in ours school around food issues, growing food, cooking food, sourcing food, understanding food, and ultimately eating great food. The measure of success is achieving FFL’s Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards along the way. Click here for the FFL Bronze Criteria & Guidance so you can see the framework Food For Life provide on how to tackle food culture within our schools.


FFL provide the framework and the resources to help you do it, but you provide the drive and will power to make it happen!


Food For Life last year launched their brand new impact report for the programme – you can read about it and download it here.


The detail of ‘what you get for your money’ is here