Information for Schools

If you are a member of staff at:

Baxter College, The Bewdley School, ContinU Plus Academy, Hagley Catholic High School, Haybridge High School and Sixth Form, King Charles 1 High School and Sixth Form, Stourport High School and Sixth Form, Wolverley C of E High School, Wyre Forest School or Kidderminster College

then you are part of a strong partnership of local schools called The ContinU Trust. One of the many areas of activity of ContinU is the Opening Doors Programme, the aim of which is to make the most of available enrichment opportunities wherever and whatever they may be. By working together we can save money, save time and work and more importantly make maximum use of resources and opportunities that surround us in our area – and beyond.

If you are taking part in an Opening Doors activity or project then you will know that it is about building on and extending the abilities of single schools to provide a rich diet of enrichment for young people across the school Key Stages.

Practical points:

Home schools will always remain responsible for their own learners, even where students travel together or take part in joint activities. The role of ContinU is to identify and broker provision for schools to access – not to take over the role of schools. For this reason, specifically, home schools retain responsibility for Risk Assessments, letters home, checking photo permissions, as well as gathering any monies due.

The expectation is that staff leading events which form part of Opening Doors activities are prepared to provide:

  1. Feedback on their experiences and those of their learners – either by email or on this website by being given appropriate access.

2. A few representative photos where possible – permissions will always be assumed to be in place when these are submitted for use on the web or in other promotional materials.

Click here to see how engagement with Opening Doors activities/events can help demonstrate your school’s use of the Pupil Premium.