Best of Health: Overview

This is a project delivered by the ContinU Trust with joint support requested from WCC and Wyre Forest CCG. It seeks to revitalise HWB practice in schools through a collaborative model of partnership working. It builds on the established and extensive infrastructure of the ContinU Trust across primary, secondary schools and16-18.


Using its communication structure to support Health and Inequality related campaigns, programmes, activities and research and feedback gathering processes of partners the Trust will deliver the following areas of work within the Project:


a. Communicating any WCC/CCG guidance for schools in commissioning health and wellbeing services.


b. Supporting WCC in creating a platform to share the school experience of new services in that these will influence future service models across the health, education and social care economy.


c. Sharing evidence reviews of effective interventions for improving health and wellbeing in children and young people.


d. Promoting use of school health profiles and school health plans to inform the development of effective Healthy School Programmes that focus on an assets based approach and connecting with communities and other partners.
e.  Communicating good practice in enabling children and young people who have been or are ‘looked after’, to fulfil their potential.


f. Developing, with WCC a map or directory of health and wellbeing interventions that are or could be commissioned in Wyre Forest Schools/colleges, in order to identify gaps, innovation and share learning. This directory would then be shared countywide.


g. Working with the local School Nursing Service to develop effective and robust school health plans utilising school health profiles and local data and knowledge, to improve health and wellbeing outcomes. School Health plans to include both universal whole school approach and wider community activities and targeted programmes of support and intervention.


h. Developing a new online Health and Wellbeing strand to the ContinU Trust Website through which all schools may access key messages, good practice, events and activities organised both by ContinU and the Partners to this agreement. A new contact network across schools and the college will be established by ContinU to facilitate this work. This strand will work with and incorporate the online information, advice and messages of the school nursing service, the CCG and WCC. This strand will be prototyped in Wyre Forest for potential wider access countywide.


i. Partner activities with ContinU will be supported through the on-going media activities including ContinU’s permanent Kidderminster Shuttle web area, ContinU Community Ambassadors and its Young Citizenship Awards